Little Bundles works on a referral only basis

Those who would like help from Little Bundles should contact their midwife, health visitor, social worker, children’s centre or other professional body/agency and ask them to inform Little Bundles.

Refer a client

How to refer a pregnant woman, parent or family to Little Bundles?

  • Referral agencies please complete the online referral form
  • Little Bundles volunteers will advise about available stock and arrange pick-up or delivery of the “bundle”.
  • It is then the referrer’s responsibility to pass on the “bundle” to the family

Please direct any queries to

Please note: To maintain confidentiality of families and service users we are unable to have direct contact with families.

Recycle request:
Also in a bid to recycle further, we would appreciate it if any unsuitable items or items which are no longer needed are returned to Little Bundles so that they can be used again if appropriate.