About Little Bundles

Helping Families In Need Across Cambridgeshire

Why Little Bundles?

A small group of mums were inspired to start up Little Bundles in Cambridge in 2008. With inspiration from other groups around the country, we were initially an NCT project.

Little Bundles in Cambridge works across the Cambridgeshire region, for example as far afield as Huntingdon and March.

In 2021 – 2022 Little Bundles received over 120 requests for help. Requests come to us via health and social care professionals and could be for anything from a small bag of clothes to a whole carload of nearly everything a mum would need for a new baby. We are also very grateful to a local business who has helped us immensely by housing us.

All of the items donated by Little Bundles have been recycled by generous local families who are happy to give away their good quality second-hand items.

This is all managed by our wonderful team of volunteers. There are so many ways to get involved and volunteering with Little Bundles can be very flexible. Whether your help is large or small, you know your time is helping the local community.

In 2022 – 2023 Little Bundles helped 219 families


How you can help Little Bundles

Helping families in need across Cambridgeshire