Thankyou so much for the buggy its great. The family are very appreciative. Please feed back to everyone about how quick you are to respond to referrals and accommodating families needs. A very valid service. Thankyou.

Thank you ladies for your continued hard work in helping us to support vulnerable families. We really would struggle without your valuable services.

Melissa Freeman,
– Romsey Mill.

Thank you all for the wonderful help you provide to families.

I would like to thank everbody at Little Bundles on behalf of the parents – it’s a great service you provide

Sam Costello
– Recovery Worker, Inclusion

One of the best parts of my job is being able to help families provide for their children and this sometimes includes the practical things too – Little Bundles makes this possible for families who are struggling financially. When I delivered a cot to one young, lone parent she jumped up and clapped her hands and said ‘thank you my baby will be so happy’ . Thank you to Little Bundles for putting a smile on all our faces!

Ginny Goode
– Family Worker, Cherry Hinton Children’s Centre

I collected and delivered the items to this expectant mother on Monday; she wanted me to let me know how grateful she was for this. She said this was one of the nicest things anybody has done for her, and she is very grateful that agencies like yours are around to support people when they need it. She hopes one day when she is more settled she may be able to support the agency in return with donations.

I said I would pass this feedback on to you, and thank you from myself as well. The items were fantastic and have really helped this young mother look forward to the arrival of her baby once the worried about material items have been alleviated.

Jamie Webb
– Consultant Social Worker, Access Unit 46, Cambridge

In my capacity as a health visitor i have used the facilities of little bundles many times.  They have always been able to provide me with what was needed for my clients, many who are on very low incomes and rely on this service to provide  the baby essentials they need. They  have always been very accommodating, often delivering items to  professionals to deliver to their families or dropping off at a convenient place for collection.
Little bundles are very efficient, and will always respond to a request promptly, they are an invaluable  resource.

Jackie Henson
– Health visitor, Burwell Surgery

I want to thank you and your team for all the help and support you give to families in need, whenever I have contacted your organization requesting a baby item ,you have very quickly produced whatever was needed, or let me know where I can access the item. Brilliant service , we need this sort of support for all ages. Thanks again

Zanna Millicheap
– Specialist Family Support Service, Huntingdon

Little bundles is a fantastic service to the community, very helpful always speedy with items that we need for families, we are very lucky to have such a service thank you little bundles.

Family worker team
– The fields children centre, Cambridge

What a wonderful idea Little bundles is. It has been very useful for many of my young mums (and those of my colleagues). The ladies who manage it are so helpful and amenable and they have a vast store of useful items. With baby equipment being so expensive it makes sense to recycle all that is possible and for people on very low incomes it is a chance to provide effectively for their baby or child/children. I wish Little Bundles the very best for the future and long may it remain.

Elaine Hutcheson
– 16+ Adviser Service, Huntingdon