Little Bundles aims to meet the needs of those finding themselves in difficult circumstances when they are expecting or caring for a baby. We provide essential items such as cots, prams, high-chairs and baby clothes.

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Amazon Wish List

We’ve just updated our Amazon Wish List to include some items that are frequently asked for by Cambridgeshire families. If you can afford to buy any of the items on the wish list, these will go directly to families in need in our local area. We recommend adding Little Bundles as a friend from the link.

Donations to Little Bundles

Little Bundles sometimes needs to buy new equipment for local families. Your donation can go towards that. It’s really easy to donate, using Paypal. Thank you, no matter what size your donation is it will be going towards a local family who need a little bit of help.

Polite reminder

We are always very grateful for the donations we receive and we would like to say a big thank you for supporting our organisation.  However, please remember that we are a small group of volunteers – all working mums – who do not have much time or space to dedicate – we are just doing what we can to support local families in need.  With this in mind, please be patient with us and, above all, please don’t be offended if we cannot accept your items.  We do not have much room in our storage garage and we sometimes have to be a bit picky about the items we accept.  This does not mean that we are not grateful for your support!